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Iron Man Editing with Dan Lebental

A current post on the A.C.E. Members Tech Discussion blog by Harry Miller reads: “IRON MAN is a Marvel comic character who is moving to the movie screen – well, aren’t they all?

Edited by Dan Lebental, A.C.E., for Marvel Entertainment, IRON MAN incorporates the latest in film editing technology. I sat with Dan and his two first assistants, Dawn King and Sandra Granovsky, to learn about how they’ve set up the show, and how the technology is working.

Walking into their offices on Olympic Blvd. in L.A. one is impressed with the complexity of IRON MAN’s post production. The show has six Avid Adrenaline Media Composers, plus a seventh software-only that Dan keeps on the side. He uses it mostly for sound work. They are editing in the new Avid HD codec, DNxHD 36, in order to edit in high definition for the picture quality, while keeping the media file size manageable. Still, they have 16 terabytes of storage on-line (8 of it is mirrored storage).

In addition to the editors, the post crew includes two visual effects editors. IRON MAN is budgeted for 500 visual effects, but like all visual effect plans, that number is likely to expand. (Have you ever worked with a director who wants to cut effect shots to stay in budget? (HAH!).”

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