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InterVideo Announces InterVideo Home Theater – All-in-One PC Home Entertainment Center

InterVideo, Inc.

today announced InterVideo Home Theater, a complete digital entertainment solution for watching and recording TV programs, viewing DVDs/VCDs, personal music libraries and photo slideshows. Equipped with an easy-to-use interface, users can enjoy these capabilities on their living room PC or TV using a PC or notebook. With the remote control that is also included, consumers can easily control Home Theater features from the comfort of their couch. Completely hardware independent, InterVideo Home Theater can be used with Windows 2000, and XP systems.

Scheduling TV Shows for Viewing/Recording: InterVideo Home Theater makes it easy to find and schedule TV shows for viewing and recording because it carries out an automatic channel scan for antenna and cable-based TV receiver devices. When deciding which program to select, users can either channel surf or schedule upcoming broadcasts. Once recorded to the owner’s PC hard drive, the videos can be sorted by date or name for easy navigation, and thumbnail images can be viewed to speed searches.

Video Playback: To ensure high-quality playback of recorded TV programs, as well as videos downloaded from the Internet, DVDs/VCDs and camcorder clips, Home Theater comes with InterVideo’s powerful WinDVDÒ engine, one of the world’s most popular software solutions for DVD playback on a PC. Consumers can also use Home Theater to capture screen snapshots of favorite video scenes and save them as digital pictures on their hard drives. The screen shots can then be viewed or printed using Home Theater’s Picture application.

Personal Music Libraries: With InterVideo Home Theater’s Music function, users can put all of their music files into a single library. The easy-to-use interface makes it simple to sort songs by title, artist, album or genre and create multiple personalized playlists of music compilations to suit every mood.

Photo Slideshows: InterVideo Home Theater’s Picture application enables users to view thumbnail images of photos and sort them by date or name for easy navigation. Photos can even be sent from the remote control device directly to the printer. Home Theater can also be used to automatically create professional-looking slide shows with amazing transition effects. Slide shows can be further enhanced with background music by assigning a playlist music folder to run during the show.

Multi-channel Audio Support – InterVideo Home Theater can be used with PC multi-channel sound cards for a complete Dolby Digital 5.1 audio experience or it can output a digital signal to multi-channel receivers in home theater systems.