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Intel’s FAA-Approved Drone Swarm Ushers in New Policies

Intel has launched the first FAA-approved drone swarm, creating a light show with 100 drones against the backdrop of the California desert.

The video was introduced as part of the FAA’s announcement that they are working to cut back on the strict regulations around commercial drones.

As The Verge explains, “The official name for the new regulatory regime is Part 107, and a recent report from an FAA task force laid out the differences that will likely be part of the final rules. Instead of two pilots, one to fly and one to spot, operators would be allowed to fly a commercial drone solo. The height limit may be bumped from 400 to 500 feet, and drones would no longer have to maintain a 500-foot buffer between the aircraft and any property. Instead of needing a full pilot’s license, operators would have to pass an aeronautical knowledge test every 24 months.”