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Inside the Visual Effects of Bjork’s ‘Black Lake’

Andrew Thomas Huang’s 12-minute music video for Bjork’s “Black Lake”–which was at the center of the recent MoMA retrospective on the singer–features more subtle VFX work than some of Huang’s previous collaborations with Bjork. Regardless Huang calls the work, which includes flowing blue lava and a cape that comes to life, “rich, varied and in some of their best moments seamless and slight of hand.”

Huang worked with Wolf & Crow for the video’s visual effects. He tells STASH MAGAZINE, “For many months I worked intimately with Wolf & Crow, whose team had to develop many different lava flows to match the emotion of Bjork’s song–ranging from slow creeping oozing magma to explosive raining lava flying through the air. This was a huge undertaking by VFX Supervisor Adam Swaab, who used his artistry in Houdini to design lava that felt nocturnal, geological, modern contemporary at the same time.”