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Inside the VFX of First-Person POV Action Film ‘Hardcore Henry’

Hardcore Henry director Ilya Naishuller was determined to make his first-person POV action film as practically as possible. That meant lots of experimentation with iterations of helmet cams and stunt coordination. But there were a few sequences that still needed special effects work, specifically a car chase (found below), which was handled by Zero VFX.

“Our work in there was to take 45 shots and stitch them into a cohesive, uncut sequence,” Zero VFX co-founder Brian Drewes tells Indiewire. “And because of the shooting style, it didn’t contain a lot of precise shooting points. Each time Henry looks forward or backward, much of those in-between frames were our work in either 2D projection or full remapping of the environment and taking over those camera moves. So before we could start any of the effects, like explosions, we had to really lock those intricate seam moments and come up with a seamed master sequence that the filmmakers could approve. And then we were able to work from there into the more visible aspects of the work.”