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Inside the Painstaking Animation Process of Jay Z’s War on Drugs Op-Ed Piece

Jay Z provides a “History of the War on Drugs” and makes an impassioned argument for how the drug policies in this country have failed its people and caused the incarceration rate in this country to reach astronomical heights.

The short animated video, made for The New York Times‘sOpinion Pages, was co-written by Jay Z and dream hampton with stunning stop-motion animation provided by Molly Crabapple and Kim Boekbinder. As with Crabapple and Boekbinder’s previous works, the animation was filmed live in one continous take and then edited together over two to three weeks.

“Molly inks and paints and splatters live, on camera,” Boekbinder explains to Creative Review. “Each video contains 12-22 pages of finished artwork and can take up to 24 hours of shooting time, resulting in six to eight hours of raw footage. For longer shoots we’ll split the shooting up into two nights, being careful to not disturb anything on the art table – since all the pens and paints that fill the edge of the screen become an important part of the video.”

Read the full story here and watch the finished video below.