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‘Inside Out’ Editor Kevin Nolting: We Make 7 Versions of the Film Before Production

Inside Out editor Kevin Nolting talks to The Hollywood Reporter about the laborious production and editing process at Pixar that so often yields such unforgettable films.

He explains, “In animation, at least at Pixar, we spend 2 to 3 years creating the movie in storyboard form and we generally have 7 to 8 full screenings for our brain trust, before we go into (animation) production. After each screening, we are willing to rewrite the whole thing or tear it apart or rewrite things. And then in three months we put it up again and see where we’re at. All of the versions have to be edited with dialog and effects. Essentially we make seven versions of the movie before we go into production, and then once we’re in production, we edit again while in layout, which is camera staging for us. The movie is essentially made first … the last thing we add is the lighting. It’s pretty much completely upside down.”