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Inside the Interactive, Immersive Visuals for Muse’s ‘Drones’ Tour

Rock band Muse tapped Moment Factory to create the immersive visuals for its new world tour, Drones. With the album’s themes of dystopia, robotic warfare, and surveillance, Moment Factory created high-tech projected visuals that interact in real-time with the band and fans.

They explain, “This tour is one of Moment Factory’s most ambitious collaboration, featuring a system of 3D cameras and custom realtime effects pumping out responsive visuals to 12 powerful Barco projectors. Original particle, distortion, and mosaic effects also process I-MAG feeds in realtime. Adding to the dramatic atmosphere and playing up the surveillance theme, an extensive BlackTrax 3D-tracking system featuring 38 infrared cameras allows for visual effects, sound, and light cues to track band members as they move across the stage.”