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Inside the Gothic Titles of ‘Crimson Peak’

Moths, old books, dark decor, and more come together to create the gothic closing titles for Crimson Peak, created by IAMSTATIC.

“For this project we wanted to center the titles around the film’s gothic themes and try to match mood and tone,” says co-designer Ron Gervais to Art of the Title. “We wanted the titles to tell an eerie little mini-story that gave some hint to what was ahead. As the film was coming together it made sense to move the titles to the end. I think [an opening title] would have given too much away and it felt better as a sort of visual recap. We tried to distill the film into iconic vignettes that would not only represent the characters, but also give a nod to the crew. For example, we included spectacles in the frame representing the director of photography, we paired the editor with a wall of pictures and frames, and matched the cast members with sets that recalled their characters. “

Crimson Peak Main Titles from IAMSTATIC on Vimeo.