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‘Inside Amy Schumer’ Experiments With Long-Form Content

The sketch show creates a full episode-length parody of '12 Angry Men.'

Inside Amy Schumer is killing it this season with provocative, buzzworthy sketches but its latest talked-about piece isn’t a sketch at all: it’s a full-length episode created as a direct homage to Sidney Lumet’s classic 1957 film 12 Angry Men. But the question that these “jurors”–played by the likes of Jeff Goldblum, Paul Giamatti and Vincent Kartheiser–are debating? “Is Amy Schumer hot enough to be on television?”

“[12 Angry Men is] a great movie and it’s great acting, and I think there’s a huge level of absurdity in taking a classic movie from the ’50s and updating it for the gender politics issues of 2015. But we had a lot of fun with it,” Inside Amy Schumer co-creator Dan Powell tells Indiewire.

One surprising revelation from Powell is that they didn’t really factor in or consider cutting the episode up into shorter bits for the Internet. It was always meant to be consumed as a full-length 20-minute piece. “This is definitely one of the things that we’re doing, where it is more directed towards the medium of television than online,” says Powell. “We love having our stuff online. I am curious as to how Comedy Central is going to— it’s one of those things where they’ll put up clips, but you really have to see it all together. I really am hoping that people are compelled, if they hear about it, to watch the full episode on or to DVR it, rather than watch it in a handful of clips. I hope that people do seek out and watch the full episode.”

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