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The Insane Film Nate Brown Made for Alexander Wang Show

Jake Boyer of Milk speaks with director Nate Brown about his attention-grabbing film at Alexander Wang’s SS16 show. “No matter what celebrities were there or what after party hijinks took place,” Boyer writes, “it was the film that stole the show. It was created by director Nate Brown, who worked closely with post-production house Velem. ‘Nate and Institute came to us with a hard drive of this awesome archive of Alexander Wang’s 10 years of campaign shows, from day one to now,’ said Velem’s Andrew Makadsi. ‘So we of course provided our post-production services, from choosing the footage with Nate and talking to Alex’s team on what they want, to delivering the picture to fit that crazy big screen.'”

“‘I’ve worked with Andrew (from Velem) on so many projects in the past,'” says Brown, “‘and, for me, he’s one of the only people that get the mentality of being both highly tasteful but also super rock and roll at the same time. It’s like putting a project on drugs. It’s really hard for a lot of people to understand how to get to that level and he just gets it.'”