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Infrared Time-Lapse Shows a Stunning “Invisible” Side of Oregon

Time-lapse photographer Sam Forencich turns his infrared converted cameras (a 

Nikon D750, and a Canon 5D Mark II) onto the wondrous landscapes of Oregon for a fresh look at the state.

“It’s no secret that many creatures exceed our abilities to interpret the world around us. The idea that we have to process the sensory data coming into our brains makes it seem like we are already a step removed from the real world,” he writes in the

video’s description

. “So what exactly are we missing? What do animals experience that we can’t, and how do our human perceptions vary from person to person? While this film does nothing to answer these questions, time-lapse and infrared photography do, in a metaphorical sort of way, extend our sensory abilities so we can imagine a world beyond ours.”

Watch below.