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Infiniti Promotional Video Captured with Codex Action Cams

Phedon Papamichael, ASC, selected Codex’s Action Cam point, shoot and record packages for a promotional video about the Infiniti QX50 SUV. Papamichael shot handheld location and road footage himself.

“We literally held the cameras with one hand and went driving with the actors,” he recalls. “Because we used these small cameras, we were able to get probably 100 setups on a 30-minute drive. From the back seat, I could hold Action Cam out the window and point it through the side window of the front seat. I could rake the car and get the actress’ reflection in the rear-view mirror. We were working quickly and winging it.

“Action Cam gives you a lot of possibilities,” Papamichael adds, “and it’s certainly a fun option to play with.”