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Incredibly Good Reasons to Attend DV Expo 2009(2)

Okay, so you know that DV Expo 2009 is taking place
September 22-22, 2009, at the Pasadena Convention Center in California. You
also know that DV Expo is the Big Event for the digital video production
industry; not just for television, but Hollywood feature films too. And you
really want to be there, but don’t know what reasons to give your boss (or, if
you are the boss, your accountant) to justify the trip… even though the
knowledge and contacts you’ll make at DV Expo will recoup any expenses many
times over!

As a public service, DV magazine has provided you with
many such reasons. But we didn’t write them. Instead, these reasons were given
to us by people who are going to DV Expo 2009.

James Mathers, Digital Cinema Society

“As a cinematographer and president of the nonprofit
educational cooperative Digital Cinema Society, I am challenged to keep on top
of the latest entertainment technology trends,” says James Mathers. (You
can learn more about the cooperative by going to
“By gathering key industry experts and leading manufacturers together at a
convenient time and location, DV Expo provides a valuable service that helps me
to efficiently stay up-to-date,” he notes. “The people I want to see
are at DV Expo, and so is the gear I need to check out, right there and then,
available for hands-on demos. I have been attending for many years, and try to
never miss this important annual industry event.”

Philip Hodgetts, Intelligent Assistance

“Trade shows like DV Expo are a great way to learn
new information and network,” says Philip Hodgetts. He is President of
Intelligent Assistance ( Based in Burbank,
Intelligent Assistance specializes in assisted editing products and consulting
help for NLE workflow, creative effects, streaming and podcasting.
“There’s no real substitute to face-to-face teaching from industry leaders
with their carefully prepared presentations, plus you have the opportunity to
interact with the teacher and ask your questions,” Hodgetts tells DV
magazine. “Plus these teachers have their pulse on the industry and will
be the first to reveal new workflows and ideas getting established. Expos and
trade shows present a unique opportunity to directly compare camera gear,
lighting or editing/post solutions.”

That’s not the only reason to attend DV Expo, he asserts:
“Without a doubt the most important reason to be at a trade show is to
network — with vendors on the show floor and with your peers on the show
floor, over coffee or in one of the many sessions open to the general public.
This is a network-based business and a trade show presents a great opportunity
to network.”

“Finally, there’s the ‘serendipity factor’,” Hodgetts
concludes. “Serendipity — the art of discovering something wonderful
while actually looking for something else — happens at expos and shows because
you’re out of your ordinary routine, exposed to new people and new ideas in
ways that you just aren’t in the normal day-to-day grind of making a

The bottom line: Phillip Hodgetts believes in DV Expo.
That’s why he is not just attending, but taking part in five panels there.

Jay Holben, Adakin Productions

“The conference sessions at Digital Video Expo are
carefully designed to give the attendees the most bang for their buck
possible,” declares Jay Holben. He is Director/Producer at Adakin
Productions in Los Angeles, and Technical Editor of DV Magazine. Holben’s
latest project is the documentary look at the world of online sex workers
entitled CamGirls.

Baxk to DV Expo, where Jay Holben will be taking part in
seven conference sessions: “The conference hosts are all knowledgeable,
experienced and ready and willing to share,” Holben says. “We try
very hard to formulate and organize the sessions for the best results in
getting out the most valuable and practical information possible. Professionals
and aspiring professionals, alike, can benefit greatly from the conference
sessions and walk away with a wealth of solid information. I’m very proud to
participate in Digital Video Expo for my third year and look forward to sharing
all the tools and tidbits I possibly can.”

Lauren Selman, Reel Green Media

As founder and CEO of Reel Green Media (,
Lauren Selman is on a mission to reduce the entertainment industry’s impact on
the environment. (And let’s face it; a environmentally-responsible production
gets good press.) However, when you ask her why she’s attending DV Expo – in
fact, Selman is even giving a presentation here – she is all business.

“It is important to attend conferences like DV Expo
for multiple reasons.,” says Lauren Selman. “One, it connects you to
your community. You can meet people, network, find out the latest innovations
and trends. Two, it gets you out of yourself and out learning more. The best
thing we can do for ourselves and especially in this economy is learn, learn,

“In my section, [which is] about greening, I hope to
bring people the knowledge and resources necessary to decrease the
environmental impact of their industry,” she adds. “What are the
choices that we are making that has use in the same habits that we have been
in? What are the biggest obstacles? What are our biggest opportunities. The
best way for us to know is to talk about it. The solutions to the future of our
industry begins in our conversations. Therefore, it is important [to attend
conventions] for our industry and our planet!”

Michael Horton, LA Final Cut Pro User Group

Michael Horton belongs to the Los Angeles Final Cut Pro
User Group ( His reason for attending DV Expo is short and
sweet: “Online social networks are fine and good up to a point, but where
else can you meet total strangers in one setting that not only share the same
passion you do but want to learn as much as you do,” he asks. “There
is no substitute for face to face human interaction.”

Paul Holtz, Class on Demand

“There are countless reasons why industry
professionals should attend conferences like DV Expo,” says Paul Holtz,
Founder & CEO of Class on Demand. He is not only attending DV Expo, but
hosting a sessions called, ‘The Art of the Interview’. “As competition
continues to tighten in today’s marketplace, staying informed on technological
advancements is crucial for

the optimization of both skill set and profit,”
Holtz says. “DV Expo gives cinematographers, editors, producers and
videographers alike a plethora of educational opportunities, including
certification programs and a wide-array of industry-focused, information-packed
sessions that help strengthen marketability.”

“Exposure to new products from a large assembly of
companies is also interesting to see from both the attendee and exhibitor’s
point of view,” he adds. “Learning about the upcoming trends in both
hardware and software can improve the workflow of both attendee and exhibitor.
I always look forward to discussing business opportunities with professional

That’s not all, Holtz says: “Industry professionals
should also take advantage of the immense networking opportunities that exist at conventions like
DV Expo. Interaction with prominent keynotes and top-tier organizations can
open doors to a variety of networking opportunities.”

Jessica Sitomer a.k.a. The Greenlight Coach

Jessica Sitomer is the ‘Greenlight Coach’
( “As The Greenlight Coach, it is my job to
get people working in the entertainment industry, and the best way to do that
is to get YOU networking with the right people,” she tells DV magazine.
“I find the number one obstacle that most people encounter, is the
inability to find the right contacts. DV Expo is designed specifically to
educate people on digital video. This means that anyone who works in or may
work in the digital arena one day, needs to attend. This would include
producers, directors, camera departments and editors. An Expo is the ideal
place to find the maximum amount of people in a short period of time to grow
your contacts and expand your visibility in the industry.”

This is note the first time Jessica Sitomer has answered
this question. “Here’s what I posted on my blog
( after receiving the
following question from a director,” she says. “‘I hear you’re the Keynote
speaker at the DV Expo. Very cool! You know I’m a director, should I go?'”

In response, Sitomer wrote on her blog, “Everyone in
the entertainment industry should go! It’s a Digital Video Expo which means,
anyone who works directly with digital video, wants to work with someone who
works with digital video, and/or wants to meet someone who works with digital
video AND may know someone you want to meet, MUST BE THERE.”

“Not only will there be cool techie stuff to check
out, there will be educational programming (including yours truly doing the
keynote speech on ‘the business side of the business’ and a breakout room on
‘the keys to success at a networking event’),” Sitomer’s blog continues.
“And of course, in my book, the number one reason to attend the DV Expo is
because it is an opportunity to network with thousands of people. That means
that you can potentially add 100 new contacts to your contact list. In question
157 [on her blog], I was asked the ‘minimum number of people one should know’.
I answered ‘100’ … You can meet them ALL in 1-3 days! Get your butt to the DV

Conclusion: Getting Your Butt to DV Expo 2009 in One
Simple Step

As I mentioned at the start of this story, DV Expo 2009
is taking place September 22-24, 2009, at the Pasadena Convention Center. You
can find out more, including how to register, by going to
Considering all the good reasons for going – as noted above – attending DV Expo
2009 is the reasonable thing to do!