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IMX Ingest and Editing Solution for MXF

Incite and

Snell & Wilcox

provide instant access to native IMX footage for Incite editing applications using the Snell & Wilcox MediaX PCI transport card. The engineering expertise of Snell & Wilcox combined with the versatility of Incite editing and production workflow applications for network environments provide reliable and flexible solutions for emerging formats with special emphasis on IMX.

Benefits of the MediaX PCI Card

· The Snell & Wilcox MediaX PCI card provides QSDI, SDTI and SDTI-CP ingest for high-speed transport and acquisition for faster than real-time transfers of native IMX and other media formats.

· It is capable of dual channel MPEG-2 encoding (Sony IMX, D10 formats) using advanced Snell&Wilcox technologies including: MXF interoperability with transparent metadata access, UMID Generation, Scene detection, Proxy clip generation, Internet protocols, RS-422 and GPI trigger controls, VDCP control, and Mosalina Quality Control.

MediaX in the Incite Workflow

· Incite applications, like Incite Editor E3 Studio, Incite Remote Producer RP and Incite Media Manager M2, have direct access to this media for browsing, editing and real-time export for final playout. Media is streamed from a Sony IMX deck to an Incite workstation equipped with the MediaX board.

· The native IMX stream is wrapped with no recompression to an MXF file, or to legacy file formats such as AVI. Clips can then be placed on the Incite timeline and manipulated in real-time with no quality loss from the original tape material.

· The ingest/playout solution works in parallel with other Incite solutions for network based acquisition, media management, editing and delivery, allowing the integration of IMX decks in new as well as existing Incite installations.

MXF and Incite’s Open Architecture

· The MediaX board is a perfect compliment to Incite media management solutions, providing access to MXF-ready tools which can take advantage of the diversity inherent in MXF essence and metadata.

· One of the key benefits of the MXF interchange format, soon to be standardized by the SMPTE, is metadata fluidity and preservation in the exchange. This fits perfectly within the Incite workflow model, which focuses on metadata preservation for advanced, collaborative, networked-based editing in IT-environments.

· In addition, the versatility of MediaX fits perfectly with Incite’s own architecture, providing support for the OpenDML AVI standard and multiple file wrapping (avi, mxf, gxf, mpg and more) for added production flexibility.

MOLETM and Mosalina

· Snell&Wilcox MOLETM (SMPTE319M) interface allows manipulations of both long-GOP and I-frame bitstreams. MOLE makes it possible to carry out complex operations between multiple MPEG sources without the signal degradation normally associated with MPEG signals when they are repeatedly encoded and decoded. Support for MOLETM is scheduled for Spring, 2004.

· Support for Snell & Wilcox Mosalina software provides automated quality control, quantitatively checking compressed material against agreed standards. Mosalina is a powerful and cost-effective software package for MPEG-2 file analysis that provides a reliable and repeatable means of ensuring that video is encoded at the highest possible standard.