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Image Mechanics Announces The Collision Conference

Pioneering Digital Capture Firm To Produce a Two-Day Conference Spotlighting the Collision of Still and Motion Photography on August 29th and 30th in Los Angeles

Image Mechanics, a digital capture studio in Santa Monica known for its educational outreach, today announced the first conference to focus on DSLR hybrid photography and cinematography. The conference will be held at the Los Angeles Film School, located at 6363 Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, CA on Saturday and Sunday August 29th and 30th, 2009.  Conference passes are available immediately from for $200 per day or $350 for a two day pass. A two-day pass to the exhibitor floor is also available for $75.

Image Mechanics, Redrock Micro and the LA Film School will present the two-day conference spotlighting the collision of still photography and cinematography. The event will cover Video Capture for Stills (VCS) and DSLR Film making. The Collision Conference will bring timely and important information to photographers and filmmakers interested in creating content with hybrid DSLR cameras, which capture both still and video images. Seminars addressing the merging of the two  disciplines will be presented along with an exhibition to showcase the latest products relating to this rapidly-emerging market.

This conference is intended for professional photographers and filmmakers interested in working with DSLRs to create moving and still imagery. Attendees will leave this event armed with the latest information and tools to prepare their businesses to withstand the coming challenges as traditional photography collides with film making.

Each day of the conference will feature a keynote presentation followed by timely and informative seminars in the main theater covering VCS, Living Posters, Digital Signage, Moving Catalogs, Cinema Style DSLR Filmmaking and Music Video production. Leading manufacturers and retailers will be exhibiting and hosting demonstrations on the concourse floor. Saturday, August 29th will focus on Video Capture for Stills, while Sunday, August 30th will shift focus to DSLR Filmmaking, including a DSLR Film Festival.

“With so many photographers caught off guard by the first wave of the digital revolution, we felt it was important to get in front of this rapidly emerging trend,” says event co-producer Tom Stratton. “Clients have already begun demanding these services from photographers, and we felt it was crucial to organize this conference even as this hybrid shooting style emerges,” he adds.

“Redrock Micro has been at the forefront of the convergence of DSLR and filmmaking,” said Brian Valente of Redrock Micro. “We’ve seen the unbelievably fast adoption of these cameras and approaches, but also the
resulting confusion and questions that arise. Collision Conference is the first definitive single source of practical information, state of the art workflow, and experience shared from top shooters. This event is incredibly useful to photographers and filmmakers interested in working with DSLRs create moving and still imagery,” he says.

About Redrock Micro
Redrock Microsystems, LLC was founded in 2004 by a group of avid digital filmmakers whose desire to produce high-quality movie images without access to huge budgets led them to start Redrock Micro as a company committed to the express purpose of bringing cinema-quality accessories to market at revolutionary prices. Today, Redrock Micro designs and sells a line of high-quality cinema accessories for independent filmmakers, film educators and students, and budget-conscious moviemakers. Our flagship product is the
award-winning M2 cinema lens adapter, which allows DV and HD/V cameras to use 35mm cinema lenses to radicallyimprove the quality of recorded images. The M2 brings the quality and technology of high-end solutions at a fraction ofthe price. We have subsequently released the microFollowFocus, microPod,
microLensSupport, and other high-quality, low-cost cinema accessories. Redrock’s strong commitment to the community of independent filmmakers has also led to the release of the Redrock DIY (do-it-yourself) Guide, an
inexpensive alternative that promotes hands-on learning of camera lenses, videography, and the art of cinematography. Redrock Micro has offices in Dallas, Texas, and Hollywood, California.

About the Los Angeles Film School
Founded in 1999, The Los Angeles Film School (LAFS), an accredited college, is located in the heart of Hollywood at the historic RCA Building at 6363 Sunset Boulevard. The private post-secondary educational degree-granting college, which has quickly become a leading academic center for aspiring filmmakers, offers degrees in film, computer animation and game production with an exceptional curriculum in state-of-the-art facilities.

The 87,000 square foot building where the school partially resides had previously been used as production facilities by legendary artists such as Elvis Presley, The Rolling Stones, Henry Mancini and John Williams, who
recorded the orchestral score to Star Wars: Return of the Jedi there in 1983. In addition, the college has recently expanded its campus by adding 100,000 feet of labs, studios, classrooms and administrative support facilities. The highlight of the expansion is a new Hollywood set, which is a two-story 3,000 square foot Victorian house in the main stage that utilizes age-old industry techniques such as green screen, painted backgrounds and a back-lit illuminated trans-light. The campus also includes the 8,000 square foot Ivar Theater, which has held many significant performances, including Lord Buckley, The Grateful Dead and The Doors.

Their faculty of industry professionals has earned credits on a number of major motion pictures and video games. Graduates have also been honored as winners in numerous Independent Film Festivals throughout the world; in addition, The Hollywood Reporter named LAFS “One of the best-equipped private learning centers in the country.

About Image Mechanics

Since its inception in 2003, Image Mechanics has been on the forefront of new technology for the photo industry with a focus on professional education, providing individual seminars for photographers and participating in educational outreach events such as Photo Plus Expo, The Digital Media Festival in Sydney, Australia, Thomas Knolls’ Soup to Nuts Photoshop events, and PDN’s On The Road. Image Mechanics is excited to help photographers and filmmakers transition into the multimedia realm. While continuing to develop
cutting-edge workflow and provide support for our photographer clients, Image Mechanics is moving forward with industry partners to provide innovative solutions and education and is poised to be the leader in this new and exciting field with the release of the upcoming Redrock Micro Image Mechanics VCS Kit.