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Ikegami Demonstrates GFCAM Tapeless ENG System

Ikegami, which introduced the industry’s first tapeless camcorder at NAB 1995, debuted its Flash-based GFCAM system at NAB and is demonstrating the GFCAM system’s tapeless workflow at its booth. Developed in cooperation with Toshiba, a leader in Flash memory, the GFCAM system includes the GFCAM HDS-V10 tapeless camcorder, the GFSTATION GFS-V10 studio deck and GFPAK high-capacity Flash media to record more than two hours of HD video.

The GFCAM tapeless HD ENG system–which features an open-codec HD/SD architecture, proxy video and metadata convenience–leverages the increasing integration of IT networking in the broadcast industry and delivers unprecedented file-based HD workflow efficiencies extending from digital video capture to nonlinear editing to content delivery.

The GFCAM system’s HDS-V10 tapeless camcorder is an advanced, affordable 3-CCD model that offers 1080i/720p HDTV format support, multiple digital recording modes and advanced features including Retro Loop recording.

The GFSTATION GFS-V10 studio deck is a Flash-based central video management and recording system with extensive connectivity that includes a front-mounted USB port. Both the GFCAM and GFSTATION use GFPAK media, a removable Flash memory cartridge with up to 64GB capacity and a convenient USB port for access to file-based video even when GFPAK is not installed in either the camcorder or the deck.

Responding to the growing need for stable, economical HD video archiving, Ikegami is showing the HDS-300R external holographic drive, which enables users of Ikegami’s GFCAM tapeless HD ENG system or Ikegami’s Editcam3 or EditcamHD tapeless camcorders to transfer edited or camera-original video content via network interfaces to 300GB cartridges with all the advantages of tapeless nonlinear archiving and retrieval. This emerging holographic technology boasts a roadmap with large strides in increasing capacity and speed on the same cost-effective, DVD-sized discs.