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Ikan Teleprompters Are Bright and Clear at Mary Kay Corp.

Michael Stephens works for the Mary Kay Cosmetics Corp. as a television producer in the Sales & Education Department. He produces both educational and informational training videos for Mary Kay’s corporate employees and international sales force.

“Talent for these videos includes our executive leadership, staff, and members of our sales force. Some have a lot of on-camera experience, but many do not,” Stephens explains. To assist them in their time in front of the camera, the department purchased an Ikan PT3700 teleprompter for the studio and a 15-inch Ikan monitor for remote shoots, which helped bring the videos to life. Instead of asking talent to memorize lines from the script or read from hastily written cue cards, speakers appear more at ease when they can read lines right off the teleprompter.

Selecting the PT3700 teleprompter from Ikan was a no-brainer. Stephens had already found success incorporating Ikan’s many LED light fixtures into his studio. He liked the fact that he could switch the 17-inch monitor over to the 15-inch monitor and not have to buy a second teleprompter. Installing the teleprompter onto his tripod is also a straightforward process.

Three times a year, the Mary Kay Corp. holds seminars in the Dallas Convention Center, where the teleprompter is constantly being fed new scripts, often written just minutes before the shoot. Ikan’s new Prompt Dog software enables quick transfers and downloads and even allows the operator to edit the copy during the shoot.