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Ikan Lights Go Everywhere with ECG Productions

To meet the demands of diverse projects, a production company must be prepared for a variety of shooting conditions. “That’s why we don’t go anywhere without Ikan lights,” says producer/director Jason Sirotin, partner at ECG Productions in Atlanta.

Whether producing commercials, corporate videos, TV shows, documentaries, features or music videos, Sirotin and crew turn to their cache of Ikan lighting gear for the right look. “The IFB1024 Featherweight Bi-Color LED panel lights are a staple in our studio,” he says. “They’re lightweight, the heat output is minimal, and they work especially well when we’re shooting greenscreen.” With dial-in color temperature ranging from 3,200°K to 5,600°K and 100 percent dimming capability, trying different looks is an easy and efficient process, especially with the touchscreen display on the back of the 14″ x 14″ fixture.

Ikan’s recently released White Star LED Fresnels with spot to flood focusing are also a key part of ECG’s lighting arsenal. “We use the White Star 5,600°K Fresnels everywhere,” Sirotin says. “Two of the 6-inch (350W) and two of the 4-inch (100W) White Stars have taken the place of our HMIs, and reduced much of the heat output.”

In a recent television shoot in Miami, Sirotin and team used Ikan’s Piatto PL90, a 9-inch diameter 5,600°K LED accent light for close-ups. “With their edge-lit technology, the Piattos produce the softest, most beautiful light,” Sirotin says. “You can create some really nice images with them, and the fact that they can do it on battery power is a plus.”