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‘I Smile Back’ DP Eric Lin Talks Picking the Right Camera for the Job

I Smile Back cinematographer Eric Lin talks to Indiewire about how he shot the Sundance drama.

He says about camera choice, “I’m very cautious about the tools I use. If someone is asking which camera we should shoot on and I’m offered up choices, it’s always because it’s either going to fit the aesthetic or the style of production. There’s always something about the medium that makes sense for the project. If I know I’m going to be in very small quarters or there are a lot of scenes in cars, I’ll go for a camera that is maybe more compact. But first and foremost, I’m always trying to get the best image quality. Then it comes to what about the camera is a benefit for the production. If it’s all handheld, certain kinds of cameras are better for that. If it’s all natural lighting, we’re going to figure out which camera is best for that.”

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