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‘Hunter of Invisible Game’ Achieves Haunting Visuals

Bruce Springsteen's hybrid music video/short film tells an impressionistic story of a lone traveler making his way through a postapocalyptic wasteland.

An impressionistic story of a lone traveler making his way through a postapocalyptic wasteland, “Hunter of Invisible Game” is a short film directed by Bruce Springsteen and Thom Zimny, set to music by Springsteen. Zimny and Springsteen shot the video in northern New Jersey, including on the grounds of an abandoned World War II-era military base. “It’s a sprawling military complex with interesting contrasts between nature and decay,” recalls Joe DeSalvo, the film’s cinematographer. “You have weeds, tree branches and other natural elements pushing up through concrete and rusty metal.”

The poetic quality of the visuals was further enhanced during grading sessions at The Room, the finishing boutique located within Technicolor-PostWorks New York. “I set an initial look on the set with the DIT,” says DeSalvo. “Once we had a cut together, Thom and I looked it over and I gave him my notes. The Room took it from there.

At The Room, colorist Ben Murray and Zimny used color not only to enhance the look of the film but also as a narrative tool. Their aim was to sharpen the emotions of the story. At its core, the film is about a man’s hunt to recover his humanity.

Murray says that he finds Zimny’s experimental approach to color invigorating. “What I love about working with Thom is that it’s all about the process, the journey,” Murray concludes. “He has a unique focus and vision, which he comes to me to enhance.”