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Watch: What You Need to Start in Documentary Production

In B&H’s event space, documentarian Aaron Lieber offers practical advice on production… and persistence

Filmmaker Aaron Lieber, director of the documentary Bethany Hamilton: Unstoppable, delivers advice on starting (and succeeding) as a documentarian:

Click the time code to skip: – 0:08 Opening Remarks – 1:47 Bethany Hamilton: Unstoppable trailer – 4:17 Lieber’s Filmmaking Journey – 6:36 Documentary Filmmaking Basics – 27:27 Workflow – 34:00 Surf Cinematography: Filming from Land – 39:10 Surf Cinematography: Filming from the Water – 42:14 Working with Athletes – 43:35 Finding a Camera and Hard Drive – 46:56 Start Filming – 50:34 Production Problem Solving – 1:14:24 Lieber’s Creative Vision – 1:15:38 Final Questions