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Here’s How “Watchmen” Made That Amazing Black and White Episode (No Film School)

"The most recent installment, titled 'This Extraordinary Being,' is an expose disguised as a flashback."

Regina King in ‘Watchmen.’ Photo by Mark Hill/HBO

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“In recent weeks, Watchmen¬†surpassed its comic book origins to become more than just a complicated superhero show — it has tackled racism in America and the very real, very powerful themes of generational trauma head-on. The most recent installment, titled ‘This Extraordinary Being,’ is an expose disguised as a flashback. It chronicles whitewashed history in black and white, after Regina King’s character, Angela, overdoses on another character’s — Will’s — memories (because Nostalgia). And the episode also deals with institutionalized racism at its core.” – Source: No Film School.

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Using classic film techniques like the Texas Switch and long takes (and choosing to present almost the entire episode in black and white) allowed last week’s episode of Watchmen to tackle the emotionally charged themes of generational trauma and institutionalized racism.

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