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How the TV Screen Became the Second Screen for MTV’s OMAs

Tonight at 7:30 PM, MTV and the Flaming Lips will attempt to break the world record for most concerts in 24 hours and the entire thing will be live-streamed across various platforms. Sporadically, awards will be handed out too as part of MTV’s groundbreaking digital awards show, the OMAs.

Explains OMA executive producer Lee Rolontz, “These awards were born out of celebrating digital music counterculture and while we’ve designed the experience to hit all screens, it is certainly rooted in digital platforms. With shows like MTV’s Video Music Awards, CMT Awards, VH1’s Divas Live and Unplugged, we’ve got the heavy weight champions of TV award and performance shows. So when the team was developing the concept for O Music Awards, they wanted to create a digitally driven interactive event that could serve as a testing ground for new ways to tell stories, connect artists and fans and of course give out awards.”

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