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How the ‘Room’ Filmmakers Created a Whole World Out of a 10×10 Space

Acclaimed film Room tells the story of a mother and her young son who are abducted and locked away in a 10×10 room where she strains to make as joyous and normal of a life for the boy as possible. To tell the story, the filmmakers built an actual 10×10 shed, where they filmed the claustrophobic world of their two main characters without trickery.

“We built it on a platform because we wanted to be able to get the camera absolutely everywhere without cheating,” director Lenny Abrahamson tells Deadline. “The lens was always inside the space, because that’s your eye effectively, and we wanted to be able to say, ‘This is shot for real in the room.’ But to be able to get the camera low, high or to the edges of the walls, we could remove panels.”