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How ‘Quarry’ Got Every Scene to Feel Like a One-Act Play

In Cinemax’s Quarry, a Vietnam vet returns home to find his life in shambles–until he’s recruited by a secret organization of hitmen. The 8-episode show was directed by Greg Yaitanes and shot by Pepe Avila del Pino as his first job out of film school.

“The script lent itself to being raw and gritty,” del Pino tells No Film School. “The ’70s can turn campy really easily, so the story and the world was pushing itself to have a darker, grungier feel. Then, in my first meeting with Greg, we discussed a different take on common TV, specifically in terms of coverage. He wanted to step away from the classic master shot and close-up, over-the-shoulder coverage. He didn’t want perfect lighting or perfect choreography. The idea was to be efficient time-wise and at the same time keep it raw and real with the camera moving.”

“We created a visual style that embraced the long take and treated every scene almost like a one-act play,” adds Yaitanes.

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