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How His Collaborative Approach Helped ‘Chelsea Does…’ Director Eddie Schmidt

New Netflix docuseries Chelsea Does… follows Chelsea Handler as she tackles four topics–marriage, racism, technology, and drugs–with her signature candid humor. Director Eddie Schmidt used multiple facets of his background to direct all four episodes.

“I’m sort of best known for a lot of my producing work in documentaries, but what everyone doesn’t know unless you make a lot of documentaries: It’s really collaborative,” he tells Indiewire. “For many of the documentaries that I’ve produced, I’m also sitting there. I’m the cameraman. I’m also doing the interview. It’s all collaboration. I’ve worked with directors like Morgan and I’ve directed a lot of pilots and stuff like that. With this, I think Morgan knew that I had a sketch comedy background. So, before I even got into docs I did a lot of sketch comedy, and I think it helps my doc work, to be honest with you, because you have to be ready for anything. And so this was a really unique fit of these being real documentaries with an incredible, funny person at the center with a great point of view. Where, wouldn’t it be fun to see her experience all these situations?”