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How ‘Girls’ Achieves the Perfect Amount of Quirk in a 7-Second Title Card

The titles for


are both simple and unique. It’s just a title card with the five-letter word that appears for 7 seconds in every episode after the cold open, each time with a different background and music (and sometimes in different fonts).

“We started asking ourselves how can we create something memorable with the restriction knowing it’s only going to be on for seven seconds and a solid card. Then the answer we had was, ‘What if it’s a different color, texture, the background changed, and the music changed?’” title designer Howard Nourmand of Jeté tells

Fast Company’

s Co.Design. “How could we make it feel like something that hadn’t happened before in television with those very specific variables in mind. I don’t know another show offhand that changed their title card every episode. That made it very unique and special, and gave the audience another thing to look forward to in that surprise moment.”

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