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How ‘A Ghost Story’ Helped Filmmaker David Lowery Deal With His Own Mortality

David Lowery’s film A Ghost Story stars Rooney Mara as a grieving widow and Casey Affleck as her departed husband, now relegated to haunting her house as a ghost (complete with bed sheet and two eyeholes).

Lowery made the film as an experiment, unsure if the concept would be able to truly sustain a feature film with the idea that he would scrap it if it didn’t.

“I know I have trouble watching my own films but this one lingers with me,” Lowery confesses to IndieWire now that the film is finished and premiered at Sundance. “And every time I watch it, I’m left with a sense of peace and acceptance — not with the world necessarily, because the world will always let you down. But an acceptance of time, and the inevitable end of all things. Reconciling myself with that has been a struggle throughout my life, and making this movie has made it easier for me to deal with. It came together so quickly that we haven’t had time to really process our own ideas of what it is, but the feeling we’re left with every time consistently surprises me, and it stays with me in a way that nothing else I made has. I keep thinking about it as if someone else had made it, as if it were a movie that you had gone to see.”

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