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How Colin Rich Destroyed L.A. for ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Promo

TIme-lapse photographer Colin Rich is best known for his beautiful, soulful time-lapses of Los Angeles so his latest project was both familiar ground and a departure. Rich was asked to create a 30-second promo showing the destruction of L.A. for AMC’s new show Fear the Walking Dead.

“I had a lot of creative control as they trusted my knowledge of the city,” Rich tells KesslerU. “We discussed extensively how to frame LA while also showing a steady breakdown of the city. For some of the wider shots, I referenced photographs of the city burning during the 1992 riots. Smoke billowing from multiple spots on the horizon and uncontrolled fires. Real world civil disorder and breakdown is a good reference for the fake stuff. We also wanted to focus less on individual ‘tourist’ sites and more on the expanse of the city. Originally, AMC had floated the idea of showing key locations closeup, such as the Santa Monica Pier, but we didn’t necessarily want these initial locations to provide a framework as how the series would unfold. If the characters ended up on the Santa Monica Pier and we already showed it one way, we end up forcing their hand creatively. Also, it’s a lot scarier to see a city breakdown from afar, especially such a well known skyline as LA’s. You let the viewer fill in the details.”