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How the Cinematography of ‘A Light Beneath Their Feet’ Subtly Evokes Bipolar Disorder

Director Valerie Weiss’s A Light Beneath Their Feet is about a mother, Gloria (Taryn Manning), suffering from bipolar disorder and the teenaged daughter, Beth (Madison Davenport), who is struggling with the decision to leave home or not.

Director of photography Jeffrey Waldron talks to ICG Magazine about how the cinematography subtly reflected Gloria’s mental state. “Beth’s home life with Gloria grows progressively more manic as the film goes on, and we begin to introduce more chaotic elements. Flares, giant colorful bokeh, foreground blurs, the compression of longer lenses. These two worlds collide in the story, so our challenge was to drift between the two in a way that is felt, but hopefully subtle enough to not be distracting.”