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How (and Why) to Shoot a 23-Minute Long Take

Director Carlos Marques-Marcet goes in-depth on the idea behind his 23-minute opening long take for his independent film 10.000 KM.

He writes, “At the heart of 10.000 KM was an idea I wanted to explore: the difference between being in front of somebody and being in front of the image of somebody. In early drafts of the script, that first scene was in fact a series of scenes, to be captured in one shot each. I wanted the feeling of being ‘with’ the couple in the same space, without the mediation of an edit, so the audience felt the occupation of the same real space by both characters. In the moment they are apart, they are condemned to a communication based on a shot/reverse shot logic, using Skype between Barcelona and L.A.—together, but only thanks to the abstract action of the cut.”