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How an Anamorphic Adapter Made the Shooting of ‘Tangerine’ Possible

Sundance film Tangerine garnered a lot of buzz at this year’s festival, most notably for being shot entirely on an iPhone 5S. That feat was only made possible by director Sean Baker and cinematographer Radium Cheung using a prototype anamorphic adapter from Moondog Labs.

Moondog co-founder Scott Cahall explains to Indiewire, “[The adapter] expands your camera’s field-of-view in the horizontal direction only, by about 33%. Then you use software to squeeze, to restore normal proportion…But at the end of the day, you get a format that is 33% wider than you would otherwise get. Cinemascope style, aspect ratio in a video that is shot on your iPhone is a unique thing that I think many filmmakers appreciate.”