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‘Honey Boy’ Director Alma Har’el on Working With Shia LaBeouf and Finding an Ending in the Editing Room (/Film)

“It may become necessary to redefine to word “autobiographical” when referring to the latest work from director Alma Har’elHoney Boy, based on an original screenplay by actor Shia LaBeouf, who not only fashioned the story of a child actor’s relationship with his domineering father on his own experience growing up, but also cast himself as his father character James Lort in this harrowing and all-too-real portrayal.” Source: /Film

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Honey Boy director Alma Har’el explains how coming from the world of experimental documentary film helped her direct her first feature-length narrative. “As a filmmaker, my quest is always to break the medium a little bit and crack it as much as I can because I do believe that the art of it and the spiritual potential of it lies outside of the genre and outside of the expectations in general of what it means to make film and sacrifice something in order to do it,” she says.