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Hofstra Studios Gear Up with New Teleprompters

Hofstra University takes its media education seriously, offering students the use of two 4K studios as well as one of the largest soundstages in the area. “A lot of thought went into the engineering and design,” says Joseph J. Valerio, chief video engineer for Hofstra University.

To put the finishing touches on its seven Hitachi SK-UHD4000 cameras, Hofstra equipped five of them with CueScript CSP17 17-inch teleprompter monitors, three of which include CSTM19 19-inch prompter talent monitors hanging underneath.

Hofstra’s smaller studio is used by students to produce a weekly HD news program, as well as sports coverage and specials. All three of its cameras are equipped with CueScript prompters and talent monitors. The larger studio has four cameras, two with CSP17 prompter monitors.