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HOBO Creates Cohesive Audio for ‘Weiner’

Directed by Josh Kriegman and Elyse Steinberg, the documentary Weiner provides an inside look at the failed New York City mayoral campaign of former U.S. congressman Anthony Weiner. Audio postproduction was handled by HOBO engineers Chris Stangroom, Stephen Davies and Julian Angel. Working alongside supervising sound editor and re-recording mixer Tom Paul of Gigantic Post, the HOBO team finessed the film’s dialogue and sound effects, preparing each component for the final mix by Paul.

The vérité style of the documentary and the varied audio sources proved a challenge for dialogue editor Stangroom. “A lot of the audio sources we were dealing with came from old news footage and cell phone cameras, and the filmmakers themselves were shooting guerilla style,” Stangroom recalls. “We needed to clean all that up—the harsh drones, crackles and blaring sounds of city life. Making sure all of the source audio was as clean as possible was paramount.”

HOBO’s Davies and Angel worked on the overall sound effects, which meant confronting a range of extraneous noises and layering subtle sounds of city life to create a natural mood. Explains Davies, “The challenge sonically was to make it all feel like one cohesive world.”