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Hive Lighting Travels Far and Wide on ‘Accidental Courtesy’

When director of photography Peter Castagnetti shot the documentary Accidental Courtesy, which premieres at SXSW this March, he knew he needed a versatile and reliable lighting kit. That’s where Hive Lighting’s flicker-free, high output, low power draw plasma fixtures came into play.

“With Accidental Courtesy, we might shoot across seven states in a week. One trip took us to Memphis, Little Rock, St. Louis, Ferguson and Montgomery—all over the course of six days. When it came to considering our lighting package, the keyword was versatility. We traveled with two Hive Bee plasma floods and some bounce options,” says Castagnetti.

“With Hive’s Bees, I knew that I would have high output when we needed it, a soft source in a small space when we wanted, as well as color temperature options, durability and mobility,” Castagnetti continues. “With unpredictable and ever-changing locations, the fixture’s power draw was never a concern. We could boost the overall ambience in a sizeable room, or soft-box an intimate interview. The daylight base is ideal for a doc on the move. The Hive Bees also throw far and bounce better than most lights of their size, so it was easy to turn two sources into six in a matter of minutes with a few small bounces.”