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Hibernia Networks’ CDN Services

Hibernia Networks CDN Services provides a high-performance turnkey solution with the ease of use and direct control that today’s market demands. Hibernia has created a winning combination based on a custom-built software solution, low-latency fiber infrastructure and global IP backbone to maximize the performance and availability of content.

Live Streaming & VOD: Hibernia Networks’ low latency platform ensures quality of experience by reducing start times and providing higher quality and reliability of video ingest. The company’s CDN offering supports a variety of formats to accommodate any device.

Game & Software Distribution: Hibernia Networks CDN Services delivers reliable, high speed releases, updates and continuous downloads, while handling instant changes and purges through its CDN Management Portal and API.

Advertising: Hibernia Networks CDN Services platform handles massive volumes of ad impressions with ease, with 99 percent-plus cache-hit ratios and abundant bandwidth to maximize advertising returns.