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Here’s Why ‘Creep’ Is a Perfect Film for Netflix

The indie horror film finds the right home on the streaming service.

Flavorwire‘s Jason Bailey writes about what Patrick Brice’s indie horror film Creep, co-written by and co-starring Mark Duplass, says about filmmakers who are embracing the direct-to-Netflix model.

He writes, “Both Netflix and Amazon have made ambitious plans to spend their considerable resources on the kind of auteur-driven, adult-targeted features that studios have largely abandoned, and are increasingly difficult to finance independently. And sure, they’re covering their bases with big names and sellable concepts; Creep is, again, falls into that most venerable and profitable of subgenres, the low-budget found-footage horror movie. But within that commercial framework, they’re taking real chances — and Creep is, in many ways, a puzzling character study in a found-footage horror movie’s clothing.”