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Here’s What to Expect from the ‘Family Guy’/’Simpsons’ Crossover Episode

Family Guy co-showrunner and executive producer Richard Appel talks to Entertainment Weekly about what fans can expect from the much-anticipated Family Guy/The Simpsons crossover episode airing on Fox this Sunday.

Says Appel, “We hope it will be a very satisfying experience for the true fans, who probably if they’re true fans, will approach the episode skeptically. And we acknowledge that at the top of the show, where the history of crossover episodes on network TV isn’t necessarily a glorious one. We’re inviting them from the start, at our own peril, to hold us to pretty high standards and say, ‘Was it worth it? Does this feel like a stunt or did this feel like a satisfying, once-only melding of these two worlds?’ As long as it’s 51 percent who like it, that’s fine.”

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