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Here’s a DP’s Runthrough of What It’s Like to Shoot with the AJA CION

In the below video, cinematographer David Carstens narrates selections of clips from the short film “Rapunzel Jackson,” which he shot with a prototype AJA CION.

Carstens writes of the shoot, “The Cion’s 12-stop image aspires to punch above its technical weight class when pitted against the Alexa and RED boys. It’s not going to beat them out in terms of latitude or highlight roll-off, but it does make a valiant effort. ProRes444 is no RAW, but it comes close where it matters. ND’d shots polluted with heavy green came back to life with pleasing color separation in the grade, and our colorist was able comfortably grab secondary keys, as seen in an especially quirky fantasy look. Cion’s skin tones are naturally reproduced with a richness that can be difficult to achieve on RED without some heavy massaging, which may be more important overall than dynamic range to some.”

Watch below and read more here on Carstens’ blog. (DV Magazine will be hosting a free webinar about the AJA CION on December 2nd.)