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Hello Charlie Creates Scientifically Accurate Titanosaur for David Attenborough

The discovery of the largest known creature to have ever walked the earth led to the BBC one-hour special Attenborough and the Giant Dinosaur, in which David Attenborough documents the discovery of the Titanosaur bones in Patagonia.

For the show, design studio Hello Charlie was enlisted to create a life-size CGI version of the creature, as well as showcase how its internal organs would’ve worked.

“Although bones reveal an enormous amount about the creature, there is no way of knowing what living dinosaurs exactly looked like,” says Hello Charlie’s Andy Power to Creative Review. “Our CGI build was based on the illustrations of specialist paleo-artists, information from the comparative anatomy scientists and source material in the form of embryo titanosaur skin found at another Argentinian dig site, [which was] then refined based on further input from the scientific experts. Every rigorous measure was taken to ensure that the CGI representations of the creature were accurate based on current, collective, scientific understanding.”