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Is HDR Worth It?

Wolfcrow’s Sareesh Sudhakaran writes a post explaining what HDR is in detail, how it affects production and post-production, and whether it’s ultimately worth it.

He writes, “Whichever way you slice it, shooting HDR is the easy part, cameras do it already. Grading and mastering HDR demands a calibrated environment, an HDR reference display and a tool like

DaVinci Resolve

to get it done. This is an additional investment for any professional or small post house. You really have to be ready to handle any client demand if you’re in this business. The fractured nature of the format wars makes this a practical necessity. Where HDR fails for me, though, is in the consumer display realm. Don’t get me wrong, HDR is the future and I’m really excited for it. Just that the displays you are being sold today with dreams of HDR are well short of the value they deliver for the price they demand. In other words, buying an HDR TV today is not worth it unless you have the disposable income. This is my personal opinion.”

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