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HDR, HFR and WCG: Tools That Simply Dazzle Are Not Enough

As the cinematographer’s toolkit expands with the development of technology like 

high dynamic range (HDR), wide color gamut (WCG), and high frame rate (HFR), the tenet that the visuals should still serve the story remains.

“Filmmaking is about telling stories visually,” Professor Harry Matthias tells SMPTE Newswatch. “Tools that simply dazzle, but do not help tell the story are not useful in filmmaking and do not ‘improve’ cinema, per se. When they try to put dynamic range, color gamut, and higher frame rates all together, some people try to make the argument that three incremental improvements in visual quality combined somehow result in a seismic sea change in cinema technology. But I’m not sure that argument is valid. I think that’s why the three technologies often get lumped together, but I don’t believe they should be.”

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