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Haris Zambarloukos on Perfecting the Art of the Car Shot in ‘Locke’

Cinematographer Haris Zambarloukos (Thor, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit) talks to Definition Magazine about switching gears to shoot Locke, an indie film that was shot in only eight days mostly within the confines of a car.

He says, “I force myself not to fall back on things that I already know when I start a film because then you don’t experiment and you don’t try things out and I love testing and thinking out of the box and trying to figure out what could possibly help a story. I had a lot of ideas of things that I wanted to try and I had almost a catalogue of shots that were not used in other car scenes in films that I wanted to do. I just gradually started to work it out. There were also some pre-requisites from [director] Steve [Knight]. The idea that for three nights we would do the entire performance from beginning to end, 72 pages – that’s a challenge in the number of shots you can do. So we slowly devised various methods we thought would make it compelling and interesting.”

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