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‘Growth’ Stands Out with Aerial Views and Dolby Vision

Filmmaker Mishka Kornai writes about his experiencing shooting his short documentary “Growth” entirely from an aerial perspective, and then mastering the film in Dolby Vision.

He writes on the Dolby blog, “Most people don’t realize how much you lose when you master a movie in the conventional way. The cameras we use today can capture amazing images with deep, rich color and incredibly detailed contrast. Then we have to throw away so much to make our images fit the antiquated standards of TV and cinema. We have to mute the colors, because TVs can’t reproduce all the colors found in the real world. We have to tone down the highlights so they don’t “blow out”—that is, become featureless blobs of white light. And once a dark becomes too dark, we know that viewers won’t be able to see any detail within it. The experience with Dolby Vision was so different—you don’t have to leave so much on the cutting room floor. We could show the brilliant white of a wedding dress in the bright sunlight, but you can still see the details of its lacy design. We could show high school students passing from the sunlight into the shade of their school, yet see all the details of their faces within the shadows. Everything just feels richer and more natural when you have that depth of contrast. And with Dolby Vision, we were able to retain the scene’s natural colors.”

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