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Greig Fraser Goes Dark for ‘Zero Dark Thirty’

Zero Dark Thirty cinematographer Greig Fraser talks to Definition Magazine about his challenging, but rewarding, run-and-gun shoot.

He says of his camera choice, ““We had to choose the most user friendly bullet-proof system that we could and we felt that the [ARRI} Alexa had just been really tested in similarly scenarios, tested in other shows and it was the best digital camera at that point in time. Here’s another reason why the lab was so important for this shoot. If I was using a new digital format and I was pushing the boundaries of that format and I didn’t have at my disposal a lab, the chances are I probably would have been a little more safe, a little bit more predictable. As a DP you can’t afford to screw the thing up. If I’m doing a film and can look at dailies every weekend I become a little bit more adventurous. You can push the boundaries a bit further each time. Having access to that at the end of every day is quite brilliant. It was also quite taxing on the body because you look at hundreds of images a day while you’re shooting and then you come back in to the lab and you’re looking at the same 100 images. It’s quite a hard process. But it means you can push the process a bit, go dark, dark, dark or bright, bright, bright, and you maintain detail or are losing detail when you want to.”

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