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Grass Valley EDIUS Neo 2 Editing Software Offers Improved Performance

Neo 2, the latest version of the Grass ValleyEDIUS Neo video editing software, brings improved performance, a wider toolset and an array of Blu-ray HD disc production capabilities that independent video professionals and small production companies have requested during the past year.

EDIUS Neo 2 shares the feature set and functionality of the EDIUS 5.1 software and can handle any type of SD or HD project with ease. It includes a fast, flexible user interface, real-time editing and conversion of different aspect ratios (4:3/16:9), and real-time editing and conversion of different frame rates (such as 60i, 50i and 24p).

The Neo 2 software package also provides powerful nonlinear editing features common to all EDIUS solutions, such as multi-track, mixed-format HD/SD editing, chroma keying, titling and DVD authoring.

New options include the Grass Valley FIRECODER Blu board for accelerated Blu-ray output support and the Grass Valley HDSPARK PCI Express board, which offers real-time, HDMI-based video preview with separate audio output for high-quality monitoring.

“Grass Valley is leveraging the power and flexibility of its EDIUS software tools and bringing them to a wide range of customers that need to complete all types of projects,” said Jeff Rosica, senior vice president of Grass Valley. “Our goal is always to help those using video to achieve their goals in the most cost-effective way. The new Neo 2 editing package is a great example of the success of that strategy.”

The latest version of Neo software also features, for the first time, GPUfx, which allow users to leverage the computer’s graphics card to accelerate rendering performance; a “Layouter” feature that lets users keyframe 2D effects; more DVD menu presets; and the ability to output projects to AVCHD H.264/Blu-ray disc for distribution and client approval.

The EDIUS Neo 2 software offers native editing of various formats—including AVCHD, HDV, DV, Windows Media and QuickTime–and a seamless, real-time workflow that supports the mixing of all formats within the same timeline. In addition, the software features the Canopus HQ codec. It not only provides superior luma and chroma sampling of HD video, but also features an adjustable bit rate for increased video quality when capturing and encoding on high-performance systems.

Pricing and Availability
Grass Valley EDIUS Neo 2 software will be available in May for $199.

Existing Neo customers can upgrade their software for $129 and can also upgrade to a full version of EDIUS for $599.