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Government Video Expo: Conferences and Connections

We’ve been evolving the scope of Government Video Expo, which takes place December 2-4 in Washington, D.C. This year’s show will be a comprehensive event for video, broadcast, streaming and AV professionals, with two complete conferences, an active exhibit hall, a series of presentations and demonstrations, networking opportunities, a “Meet the Government Producers” supersession, and a keynote address from Google Federal’s Loren Hudziak.

The two conference programs within Government Video Expo—DC Post|Production Conference and Next|Video Conference @ GV Expo—are designed to educate, inform and inspire you. Each program has a specific technical focus.

Next|Video Conference @ GV Expo

With three separate tracks at Next|Video—Next|AV + Collaborative Environments, Next|Enterprise Media and Next|Streaming Tech—you can customize your educational experience. Session highlights include:

Next|AV + Collaborative Environments

  • One Technology: The Merging of AV and IT
  • Introduction to Live Streaming
  • Bringing Broad-Based Content to Remote, Diverse Audiences on One Platform

Next|Enterprise Media

  • Why Your Organization Needs More Video
  • Measuring the Effectiveness of Your Video Campaign
  • Distributing Your Corporate Video Effectively

Next|Streaming Tech

  • How to Produce Live Interactive Video Content
  • Update on Cellular Streaming Technology Using a Single Cellular Modem
  • Solving the Challenges of Delivering Content Over IT Infrastructures

DC Post|Production Conference

The DC Post|Production Conference offers three parallel tracks over three days to help you improve both your technical and creative skills. Session highlights include:

  • Producer/Director Workshop: Getting the Best Out of Non-Professional Talent
  • Lighting Strategies for the Two-Man Crew
  • Managing a YouTube Channel
  • Emerging Social Media Trends You Need to Know
  • How to Write an Engaging Nonfiction Script
  • Beyond HD and the Future of 4K
  • Distributing Video Online: Solutions to Host and Sell Your Content

I hope to see you at Government Video Expo. It’s a worthwhile investment of time and a wonderful way to learn while also connecting with your community, colleagues and clients.

Is Your Data Safer in the Cloud?

Join us Wednesday, December 3, for the Government Video Expo keynote from Loren Hudziak, solutions architect, Google Federal. “Cloud computing represents a significant opportunity for organizations to reduce costs and improve worker productivity,” explains Hudziak. “Public cloud storage and collaboration applications such as Google Drive can enable users to collaborate on, store and retrieve data from anywhere on any device, while simultaneously reducing the amount of infrastructure IT teams need to maintain and secure. In this session we will explore opportunities to deploy cloud computing solutions, learn how to assess security, privacy and other risk factors, and see how Google addresses these issues.”