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‘Good Kill’ Editor on Simulating Drone Footage in the Editing Room

Good Kill editor Zach Staenberg talks to Moviemaker Magazine about the challenges of cutting the film centering on a conflicted former Air Force pilot (Ethan Hawke) now serving as a drone pilot from a home base in Las Vegas.

“I would often take a wider shot and a closer shot,” Staenberg says about simulating zooms within the drone footage. “We created a quick two-to-three frame snap zoom, which we believed would be close to what the drone would do. The camera doesn’t actually zoom, but has three or four swing lenses. We went through a lot of tests and iterations on the amount of distress you would see in the picture that came from the drone. It was almost like I was cutting two movies sometimes: the story of the drones and the story of what was going on in the Ground Control Station [GCS] trailer, where Egan works.”

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